Beijing Indie Short Film Festival

Laurels BJ Indie 2017.png


This is a festival celebrating Indie Short Films with a particular emphasis on those made in Beijing, China. It is a bilingual festival supporting both English and Chinese films.

This film festival is one of the very few independent short film festivals in Beijing, China.

The festival is held annually in the summer. Some of our venues have included traditional Beijing style 500 year old hutongs and a rooftop in the city center.Approximately 20 short films will be screened at the festival.

Our past 3 festivals have had between 50 (packed small venue) and 500 people (huge space with standing room) attend the event.

Our festival prefers entries with a connection to Beijing as a large percentage of our audience are Beijing based filmmakers.
Preference in the selection goes to indie short films made in Beijing, those with relation to Beijing, then Shanghai, then the rest of Mainland China, then the rest of the world.

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